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Photo Retouching – Make your faded imagination go coloured

Many a times what we actually see, in reality it can’t be captured exactly same with our camera and by its lenses.

This is sometimes due to the poor quality of camera or due to the angle from which we click the photograph.

If we go in the lap of nature and experience immense level of greenery with our eyes and clear sky view but when we capture it with our camera a shadow of our own body may throw the picture in a little darker state.

It is so always obvious that what we see and what we capture in our camera gives us different images, because angle of looking at a particular view might be different for human and a camera. Even if the pics of two places are taken with same quality of camera there may lie the difference in both as angles of clicking may not be exactly same for two photographers.

Here comes the need of Photo Retouching technique, and applying the required effects to make the picture look like what we exactly saw with our own eyes. This tool helps in resembling actual view with what we experienced with the one we preserved in our clicks.

Photo Retouching tool compares two views and tries to bring them to the identical view. For this it adjusts the lighting effects and tries to fill in with the required colours. It requires something to compare with. You cannot call something superior until and unless you have something with you to compare it with. Similar is in case of this function of photo editing where effects are given to bring a picture closer to another picture of same view.

Presently we have lots of applications and soft wares available to do this work but in ancient time a darkroom was setup and photographers used to do the same work with brushes, fixers, toners, retouching dyes and other chemicals, enlargers, mixing pallets, film tanks, baths and other darkroom equipments.

We offer you quality editing in this area with no loss to the actual sense and feel of your view which you initially experienced. We also bring back any picture which lost its quality and feel due to humidity or handling problems.

“We preserve your moments exactly the way those happened and as you experienced them”.

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